Why a personal trainer is the best way to upgrade your fitness in 2023

It’s that time of year again when the last thing you fancy thinking about is a personal trainer – all you want to do is eat and drink and hide under the duvet while everyone’s banging on about ‘New Year, new you’. It’s quite a conundrum. 

The good news is you aren’t alone in struggling to work up enthusiasm for the gym this winter – which is where a personal trainer can come in.

Yes, we’re well aware we’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis, but hear us out. Investing in a PT is just that; an investment for your immediate and long-term physical and mental health. Sure, you could continue plodding along under your own steam, but honestly, has that really been working for you?

If you want results, there’s only one way to go. Here’s why.

The Science

According to experts, the average cost of a PT is £40 – £60 per hour. Which is steep, but don’t forget you’re paying for years of expertise. You wouldn’t scrimp on an electrician, for example. If you’re taking your health seriously, a PT is as good an investment as the food you buy, your expensive gym gear, or your road bike.

The benefits are massive, too. According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 73% of participants increased their abilities, moving up a fitness level at the end of a 10-week block of PT input.   

The study also found that “one-on-one personal training is an effective method for changing attitudes” which means you’ll want to spend more time in the gym. So, while you might be shelling out for a PT, you’re actually getting more value for money because you’ll actually use your gym membership, instead of letting another month roll by without visiting…

The Trainer

As for how a trainer can actively help you transform your health and reach your goals, we spoke to Tim Blakeley of Media Physiques. As someone who has worked closely with John Boyega, Gerard Butler and Luke Evans, Blakeley knows exactly the benefit a PT can bestow.

“Commitment and consistency are key,” Blakeley explains. “You can have all your macros sorted but if you don’t get your ass in the gym and train you won’t get anywhere. Having a date in the diary with a PT can help with that.”

“Even if you’re training four times a week, there are 168 hours in a week so you’re actually just training 2.4% of your time,” Blakeley says. “When you’re in the gym, having a trainer means that you’re actually efficient in that time.”

“You see people in the gym sitting on their phones for five minutes between sets,” Blakeley says. “A PT has got a full calendar of clients so they don’t have time for you to sit around. They’ll keep you moving which keeps your heart rate up, keeps your muscles warm, and keeps you burning calories.”


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