Weight loss | Woman loses 226 kg in a stunning weight loss transformation

Weight loss 32-year-old woman sheds 226 kg in a massive weight loss transformation

From 317 kg at the age of 22 to 90 kg at 32, the story of Christina Phillips, one of the fattest woman in the world will inspire you to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

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Weight loss is one of the most common issues face by people across the globe. While people tend to gain weight easily, it is a daunting task to shed those extra kilos and keep their bodies fit and healthy. If you are someone who is currently feeling dejected about losing weight, the inspiring story of Christina Phillips will bring back your faith.

Who is Christina Phillips?

Christina is a 32-year-old woman from Mississippi, US. Formerly considered to be one of the fattest woman in the world, Christina suffered from weight-related issues from an early age, weighing a 136 kilos at the age of 12. Her weight gradually began to increase as she grew older and she eventually weighed 317 kg at the age of 22.

Weighing at least 708 pounds, life became incredibly difficult for Christina as she struggled to walk properly in her own house. She narrated her ordeal in a TV show called My 600 lbs. life, where she mentioned gasping for breath while taking a few steps. She couldn’t even go to the washroom and was bed-ridden for 2 years.

Junk food: The main culprit

Phillips mentioned her parents used to give her fast food snacks since she used to feel hungry frequently. However, she didn’t pay attention to her weight gain and continued her consumption of junk food. Realization struck her at last and she consulted a doctor for weight loss who advised her to lose some weight in order to undergo a gastric bypass surgery without any complications. She went under a healthy diet and managed to lose some weight and subsequently underwent the surgery, following which her weight slowly started to reduce.

Depression, Anxiety and Divorce

While Christina was consistently shedding kilos one after the other, the thought of being overweight once again haunted her. She mentioned freaking out when the scales went up and would stop eating for a few days. She then went on get therapy for the same and even underwent a skin removal surgery.

However, life posed another challenge for her in the form of her husband, Zach who wasn’t being supportive of her weight loss transformation which then ended up in a divorce. Christina, was earlier considered too overweight for a healthy pregnancy welcomed her first son, Ethan in 2021 and another boy in September this year.

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