Pison Technology Appoints John Croteau as CEO

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pison Technology, pioneers behind using passive, neural biosensors at the wrist and machine learning algorithms — an AI technique called Electroneurography (ENG) — for Neural Health, Fitness, and 3D Touchless control of smart devices, today announced semiconductor industry veteran John Croteau as chief executive officer. Co-founders Dexter Ang now serves as chairman and David Cipoletta as chief technology officer. 

“As we pivot to commercial markets, John impressed us with a rare combination of strategic vision, business acuity, and semiconductor operations expertise to reduce ENG to a microchip model,” said Dexter Ang, co-founder and chairman. “John’s progress forging partnerships and embedding Pison machine learning technology in semiconductor components and consumer devices has exceeded all expectations.”

Croteau’s goal — to embed biosensors in every consumer smartwatch for Neural Health and Fitness apps and natural language 3D Touchless controls — is an encore of an initiative he championed 24 years ago at Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). He partnered with Intel and Microsoft to embed CD-quality audio as a standard feature in IBM, Compaq, Dell, and HP computers. Within three years, 90% of Windows PCs featured integrated audio.

Croteau brings operational supply chain experience, expertise in driving growth and profitability, and success forging strategic partnerships to Pison, where he is installing structure, leadership, and business processes that will scale the company to similar success. As CEO, Croteau is responsible for facilitating partnerships with global tech leaders to bring Pison ENG technology to consumers.

Croteau has 37 years of experience working for global semiconductor leaders and joined Pison in January 2022. “In Pison, I saw a company in the right place, at the right time and with the right technology to deliver profound societal benefit improving health, fitness and the way humans interact with smart devices in every walk of life — at home, on the go, in the Metaverse — even helping our warfighters on the battlefield,” said John Croteau.

“Pison is an uncanny fit with my background, dating back to my youth at Crystal Semiconductor and Analog Devices. We championed data conversion technology from Bell Labs that is, today, at the heart of every Pison Neural Biosensor.”

In his last role at ADI, Croteau managed the SHARC® and Blackfin® Processor businesses, servicing DSP pioneers in fields like Natural Language voice processing, followed by time as Senior VP/GM at NXP Semiconductors embedding microchips in novel consumer products like LED light bulbs and GPS in early smartphones. Pison’s agenda draws from the full breadth of John’s experience — embedding neural biosensor chips and machine learning DSP algorithms in compact, inexpensive smartwatches.

Prior to joining Pison, Croteau served as the CEO of MACOM where he tripled revenues, quadrupled earnings per share and grew enterprise value from $410 million to $4.6 billion in his first five years with the company. He looks forward to delivering similar success to Pison’s partners, customers, shareholders, and employees alike.

To learn more about Pison, please visit https://pison.com/.

About Pison Technology
Pison believes a small gesture can change the world. The company pioneered the use of a passive, neural biosensor at the wrist and patented machine learning algorithms —an AI technique called Electroneurography (ENG) — to translate physiological electricity generated by the brain into machine interpretable events in software. Founded in 2016 with grants from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Science Foundation, and ALS Association, Pison started out helping patients with neurodegenerative disorders navigate the world. Soon, any smartwatch embedded with Pison’s biosensor will tap your nervous system to improve your health, fitness and control smart devices at home, on the go, in the Metaverse — and help our warfighters on the battlefield. To learn more about Pison Technology, please visit https://pison.com/.


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