Does AARP Have Entertainment Discounts?

Does AARP offer entertainment discounts?

AARP members can save with discounts from Ticketmaster event tickets, Regal Cinemas movies and concessions, and more. Are you a movie lover or a live music enthusiast? Experience the best of life without breaking the bank on movie tickets, concerts, podcasts, and outdoor activities.

1. AARP Rewards

AARP Rewards was created to help inspire you to learn and prepare for whatever life brings your way. From brain-busting quizzes to motivating fitness trackers and money tools that help you save and plan for the future while getting rewarded for doing it. Getting started with AARP Rewards is as easy as 1-2-3. Earn points just for signing up and get an even bigger head start with an extra 450 points just by taking this AARP Member Benefits Quiz.

Knowledge-Boosting Quizzes

There’s always something new to learn, and AARP Quizzes is the place to go. Do you know how much sugar is hiding in your food? Do you spend more or less than the average American? Take these simple, informative quizzes that can help you make more informed decisions about money, your health and more.

Fitness Tracking

Tracking your fitness is a great way to feel more connected to your body, so you can stay on top of your health. But did you know that you can earn AARP Rewards for hitting fitness milestones? Well, it’s true. Simply sync your fitness tracker to the AARP Now app. Get started.

Do-It-Yourself Videos

Want to make your house your forever home? DIY is a great way to keep your home in tip-top shape — especially on a budget. Check out these do-it-yourself projects to get you started. All you need are a few tools and a little know-how.

AARP Rewards Points

AARP’s free loyalty program rewards you for doing the things you love, meaning you can score points every time you complete an AARP Rewards activity. Plus, if you’re an AARP member, you’ll earn points 50% faster and score the rewards you want even sooner! Why wait? Start earning points now.

2. AARP Brain Health Challenges by Staying Sharp

AARP® Staying Sharp® is a great place to get started with fun, exciting and informative daily activities. Begin with a Brain Health Assessment, then dive into fun challenges, games, articles, videos — and even healthy recipes to help you create a healthier atmosphere for your mind and body.

The All-New AARP® Staying Sharp® App

Use the new AARP® Staying Sharp® app so you can challenge yourself on the go. The app leads you through interactive memory challenges, problem-solving quizzes, and more. Plus, AARP members can earn 750 points when they download the AARP® Staying Sharp® app and 1,050 points for each challenge completed in the app.

Brain Health Assessment

For those that want more, take the assessment, and then continue exploring the program to learn more about the pillars of brain health. Learn more about the assessment.

Interactive Challenges

See how taking just 15 minutes a day can help you build healthier habits with fun learning activities you can weave into your daily life. Get started.

Healthy Lifestyle Videos

A healthy brain starts with a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. To engage your brain, begin with more exercise, more sleep, and a healthier diet. Learn all this and more with these healthy lifestyle videos from AARP. Plus, you can watch Denise Austin’s exercise videos and meditations.

3. More Entertainment Discounts and Resources

There are lot of great AARP Entertainment discounts and resources. From free movie screenings in your area, to discounted movie tickets and popcorn, to fun games and savings on concerts, and more. When it comes to a night out, it pays to be an AARP member. Check out these entertainment benefits.

Savings on Movie Tickets

Did you know that as an AARP member you can save up to 20% at Regal Cinemas when you purchase Regal ePremiere tickets online? Tickets are valid at all Regal locations nationwide for all movies and showtimes. And don’t forget that you can save $3 on popcorn and soft drink combos. Learn more here.

Take on Today Podcast

Looking for caregiving advice, or easy steps for decluttering your life, or even how to properly prepare for retirement? Check out the Take on Today podcast from AARP that covers a wide variety of helpful and relevant topics. Listen now.

Movies for Grownups

Do you love movies? Then AARP Movies for Grownups is for you. Stay ahead of what’s coming with the latest movie reviews, exclusive celebrity interviews, news, articles, and more. And there’s even a Movies for Grownups Awards show every spring, in addition to free, special movie screenings in many areas, so you can sign up to take part. Check it out!

TV for Grownups

With all the streaming options in addition to cable TV, it can be a little overwhelming deciding what to watch. That’s where AARP TV for Grownups comes in. Learn which cooking shows are the best, which movies and shows are coming and going from your favorite streaming services, plus get the latest TV show reviews, exclusive celebrity interviews, news, articles, quizzes and more. Start watching now.

Savings on Event Tickets

Is your favorite band coming to town? As an AARP member, you can save money on many concerts and other events through Ticketmaster. This includes 2-for-1 tickets, Me + 3 (4-packs) and events with select tickets under $40. See how it works here.  

4. Members Only Entertainment Access

As an AARP member, you have access to special content such as unique AARP Members Only Access entertainment articles, podcasts and videos selected just for you. It’s just one more way membership helps you plan travel, save money, or even find a job.

Smart Guides

AARP Smart Guides help AARP members lead a smarter life. These in-depth guides offer tips, tricks, and trends on helpful topics such as health, home, money, travel and more. Keep your house in order, keep expenses down, or even get tips on how to find a job.

On-Demand Classes

As an AARP member, you have exclusive access to valuable on-demand classes such as Pilates Anytime, as well as featured videos on a variety of topics.

Exclusive E-books

In the mood for a good book? AARP Members Only Access gives you exclusive access to a variety of e-books, so you can take them with you on your favorite device and read at your leisure.

An AARP membership has a wide variety of carefully chosen entertainment benefits, and there’s always more to discover. 

Not a member? Join the AARP family today to explore even more of your benefits. 




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