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When it comes to getting on the path to a healthy life, we sometimes forget that fitness is more than just physical exercise. We also need to balance our psyche, get enough sleep and eat healthy. If you are willing to change your lifestyle completely and not just your exercise routine. It is so popular because today you can find an app for almost anything. Health apps have never been more helpful in taking control and changing our lives, especially at a time when many of us are under constant stress like never before.

The best health apps will help you reach your goals, whether it’s tracking your steps with a pedometer, adopting a new skincare routine, improving your eating habits, or taking a moment to rest. High levels of fitness have been linked to longevity, a better quality of life, and a lower risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. There’s never a bad time to start a new exercise program, especially if you’re looking for free workout apps or online modes you can do at home. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain your weight, or improve your overall fitness level, free tools can help.

Here is the list of the best health and fitness apps for iOS and iPhone


The running app is designed for all runners. Training plans, managed exercises, monthly running exercises and more will help you run faster, longer and longer. Set running and exercise goals, track your success, and share your journey with our community. The Asics Runkeeper app can help you do it after your first run, up to a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon.

RunKeeper combines a delightfully simple and well-designed ‘on the fly’ interface with the ability to deepen and customize your experience. We really like the way it’s very easy to hit the fast start and race or go for a more structured, goal-oriented race.


Strava is one of the most popular fitness apps for those with a competitive edge. The app not only tracks your runs and bike rides, but also creates a competition between you and people who are doing the same routes. To take advantage of everything the app has to offer and what it promises to offer, you have to give up a lot of personal information, which has never been handled as well as it should have been and, quite frankly, has put people at risk. . Strava syncs with a variety of other fitness trackers and running watches, so you don’t have to carry a phone to use the app. Although the app offers some privacy settings, you must be willing to share some personal information, especially your geolocation data, to enjoy the full Strava experience.


Fitbod is a fitness app that uses a training algorithm to create personalized training plans. The premise is simple by tailoring workouts to the user’s specific goals and preferences, unlike more generic workouts and fitness programs, users are more likely to become healthier and fitter. Although the concept of using algorithms and artificial intelligence to create workouts sounds a lot like science fiction, Fitbod explains how it does it with a fairly simple approach. Fitbod’s training algorithm recognizes your strength training skills, studies your previous workouts, and adapts to the fitness equipment you have to create a personalized workout.

fitness point

Fitness Point is another app that focuses on strength training. It does not serve as an automatic planner, but as a reference of exercises that you can do. Each exercise in the Fitness Point library includes an animation and description of the exercise, as well as information about the muscles targeted by the exercise. The animations aren’t as good as the Fitbod videos, but the exercise selection is still great.

You can create your own work plans, record the workflow and use the set pause timer during training. Unfortunately, while some workouts are free, you’ll need to upgrade to Fitness Point Pro or Fitness Point Pro Women to see them all. However, the free app should give you enough information to decide if the paid version is worth it.


Fitocracy has many very useful features. It has defined the most important thing for us, easily enter and track workouts in the gym. With its highly polished iPhone app, it’s super easy to add exercises, reps, sets, weights, workouts, and even your daily weigh-in. If you’re bored with being healthy, Phytocracy may be the answer. Use the game for real practice. As you log your activities, you will be rewarded with points and unlocked achievements.

Essentially, it is a free fitness app and exercise tracker integrated with the social network. His workouts range from cardio to strength training and everything in between. While Fitocracy is free, you can sign up for the Premium Hero subscription for $5 per month for more information, personal messages, virtual “duels” with other members, and additional benefits. This app is perfect for anyone who prefers to stay home but wants to connect with others through exercise.


Say hello to one of the world’s leading health and fitness apps. Use the Fitbit app on its own to join our community, track vital stats, and stay motivated throughout your journey. Or get a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see how activity, exercise, sleep, nutrition, and stress work together. Either way, you’ll find the information and tips you need to reach your goals in one place.

Find workouts, nutrition programs, meditation tracks, sleep tools, and more Connect with friends, start overcoming challenges, and join an inspiring community Set goals, get success updates, and celebrate important milestones Get access to innovative apps and new watch faces Works smart watches with all Fitbit trackers, smart watches, scales and other Fitbit products.

C25K 5K Trainer

This is the official app for the Couch to 5k program stylized as C25K. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and want to get off the couch and get moving, then this workout app is for you. With audible alerts and activity monitoring, the app hopes to increase your overall fitness level to a level where you can run 5K without stopping. This real training program will not make you too difficult. Instead, it aims to get better gradually for those who don’t know the exercise routine. While the basic C25K is free, you can verify your in-app purchases to remove ads or pay for playlists.

nike training club

Nike Training Club is a free fitness app from Nike. It includes over a hundred exercises covering a variety of “species”. From strength training to cardio and resistance, mobility and yoga, it’s all here. The program covers all fitness levels and all types of schedules. The app also includes custom exercises based on previous workouts. This means that the more you use it, the better it will be at predicting what you want to do next. There are also celebrity-inspired workout tips and routines.

Fitbit Trainer

Fitbit Coach is a controlled training app that makes it easy to stay fit with dynamic, customizable workouts. An app is available for all major platforms to meet individual needs based on feedback, goals, and skills. The app itself is free, but it offers advanced features when you upgrade to premium. Not everyone is a fan of the gym, and for many, getting ready to hit the gym is a hassle.

I personally like to shop for things that are the most convenient and sustainable for me, and after researching home customization options, I found the Fitbit Coach app. In my search for the perfect app, I’ve researched many of its features and would like to provide you with a detailed Fitbit Coach review here so you can assess whether or not the app is for you.


We live in a world full of temptations, cheap pleasures, stress and convenience, all of which can affect our diet and health. Whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, it takes a little math and effort to get there. You need to know how many calories you are consuming and how many you are burning. MyFitnessPal is the best calorie counting app on the market.

It has a mobile app and website that connects you to the largest food database so you can easily find what you eat and record it in the app. At the end of each day, MyFitnessPal gives you clear feedback that you can use to reach your goal. Although this is not a diet program, it can help you make changes to your diet by providing nutritional information. MyFitnessPal is an Editors’ Choice among health and fitness apps.

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